We believe that our house is our castle. But, our castles will not be too comfy to live in when the grounds are always soggy or if they leak. Fortunately, installing drainage surrounding your property can improve water maintenance and can protect your investment. If you want to know more about the importance of installing drainage on your property, here are some of them:

Control erosion

Usually, erosion occurs slowly as it washes away your yard’s topsoil over time. Before you know it, you already have extremely flooded, muddy, or wet areas. Though you cannot make your yard level, the proper drainage solution can aid you in managing the manner water flows on it.


It’s really annoying every time your visitors and family track mud onto your carpet and floors. Dirt and puddles can cause disaster for your floors. Preventing excess water can assist in minimizing the problem.


Not only puddling or pooling water on your property is a health risk, but it could also be hazardous. Icy patches that develop in freezing weathers could result in dangerous conditions. In the event ice pools on your sidewalk and somebody get hurt and falls, you’ll be liable for penalties and you can possibly be faced with lawsuits.

Wise usage of property water

Rainwater and snow will fall and that’s inevitable in some areas. What you can regulate is how you use it and think about it. Conservation serves a vital role when it comes to your total outdoor area. You could gather it for creating a birdbath, watering grass and plant, or use if for drinking.

Protect your foundation

If your legs aren’t healthy and strong, your body is susceptible to failure and become weak. That’s also similar to houses. If your house doesn’t have a solid foundation, it can’t stand. It’s the most essential aspect of your house since everything else sits above it. Once stormwater isn’t properly diverted or you’re facing other drainage issues, it is more likely that your foundation might be unstable. Water that absorbs above your foundation could lead to a wet sill plate that transports all that moisture toward your walls and floors. This could result in termites, insects, mildew, wood rot, and leaks. If the water reaches your basement, it could lead to an issue of standing water, which can affect the development of mold, humidity, and air quality.

Keep up a healthy landscape

When your garden or yard has pooling and stagnant water, there’s a greater chance that it could harm your flowers, trees, and grass. Your fauna will definitely die in no time once they are underwater for a long time. Moreover, insect manifestation and vermin can possibly breed bacteria and diseases and too much moisture attracts termites. Puddles, dry patches, and soil erosion can also make your outdoor area appear unappealing.

If you own a property, it’s vital to make sure that you prioritize the installation of a drainage system. Doing this will go a long way. If you want assistance with that, contact League City Drainage right away!